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"Movement. It has given me a career, happiness, confidence and above all strength in my body and mind. As a Pilates instructor, sharing with people a way to make themselves feel good, a way to empower and strengthen themselves both physically and mentally is what drives me and brings me joy everyday."

Simone performed as dance captain and co-host in Las Vegas Show "Sydney After Dark" as well as dance captain in German cabaret "Palazzo". She has also toured around Australia and Asia as a back-up dancer and featured artist with various bands and artists. 

While touring as a dancer, Simone trained in various studios and techniques to keep herself dancing at an optimum level. It was when she was performing in Las Vegas that she first discovered Hot classes and the benefits they provided, keeping her dancing at it's best.

Simone brought back with her a unique style of strength and conditioning workouts that fuse science, the latest training techniques in functional movement and creativity.

Fitness Trainer, Founder