MARCH INTO THE LOFT – are you ready?

That’s right, we're marchin' in with a Challenge.


Our Loft Core Challenge is always about YOU. YOUR goals, YOUR mindset and YOUR results, because the same bag of tricks will not work for everyone.


The theme of our March Challenge is Sweatin' more, and Stressin' less. 




Holistic wellness is always the vibe. We focus on mindset, form and recovery throughout the challenge as well as fuelling right with a naturopathic-curated meal plan.


The Challenge workouts are designed to strengthen and tone your body and get it burning calories efficiently.


A personalised workout schedule designed for YOU by our team with in-studio, online workouts or a combo of both to ensure it suits your needs, schedule and life. We're (as always) making this work for YOU!


We have created the meal plan to fuel your body with healthy nutritious (and not boring) food. The plan can be modified for vegetarians and vegans and is gluten and dairy free.


To get you feeling squeaky clean, the challenge has a rule: no alcohol, dairy or refined sugar. 



Friday 25th Feb @ 6:30pm - The Loft Taren Point

The Loft studio @ Taren Point

During the info night, you'll receive your goodies bags and get introduced to our partners. We will go through the challenge game plan, goal setting and fitness assessments to structure the next 4 weeks of training to suit your needs, goals and schedule.

Challenge Kick Off - Monday 7th March 


The aim is to complete all sessions throughout the challenge including your recovery. Tag us on your IG story to go into the draw to win prizes from our partners.


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