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I grew up always being thin, eating what I pleased and not having to worry about putting on weight.

As I got older I had 2 kids, I was still thin, but my body no longer had shape. I was what they called “Skinny fat”. Although I was training, I hit a brick wall when it came to food. No one was able to give me the guidance I needed. I was losing weight, but not gaining muscle and shape.

I had almost given up on ever achieving my ideal body until I was told to try Pilates. Not just any Pilates, but Simone’s classes at the Loft.

It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made!

After a few weeks of Pilates, I decided to approach Simone about my biggest concern - food!

That is when I joined the Spring Challenge and met naturopath @stevenjudgenaturopath .

He sat with me, listened to my concerns and my goals. He drew up a personalised meal plan, not just for me, but a plan that was designed to feed my family of 4 so I wasn’t making separate meals and feeling overwhelmed.

The meals tasted delicious, were easy to follow and he had a great variety to offer to me. 

I’ve continued to eat the meals he planned for me. I can now confidently say, after many years, I am happy and confident with how my body is looking and how I am feeling. Although I am still skinny, I am lean and fit, exactly where I wanted to be!


A year and a half ago I had a bulging disc in my lumbar spine which was restricting me from doing any exercise and taking a toll on my daily life. I was in huge amounts of pain in my lower back, psoas and other hip flexors, in fact I was not even able to put on a pair of shoes comfortably. After months of treatments from chiropractors, physiotherapists and acupuncturists, none of which gave me any relief, I finally tried Pilates. At first it was hard to make the smallest of movements in the class and being generally quite fit, this was embarrassing for me. But with Simone's knowledge and experience, not to mention her patience, I persisted. Not only have I gained strength and flexibility but I feel like I've been given another shot at being myself again. Thank you to The Loft for getting me back to my happy healthy self again



After six months under Simone's tutelage I have gained flexibility, weight loss and core strength like I never had before. As a sceptic who was "dragged along" I wasn't convinced I (a 6"2 man who weighed over 100kg) would get much out of Pilates. I was wrong. I was amazed, as was my physio who was treating me for workplace injuries, at my physical achievements in such a short time period. I would encourage all men to a Pilates class and challenge your body and preconceived ideas. If I could give Simone more than five stars I would.


Since attending The Loft I am the fittest I have ever been. I feel healthy, strong, driven and the happiest! Simone and her A Team of instructors have truly changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful for stepping into the studio doors 10 months ago. Thank you Simone for creating such an inviting and comfortable environment for all of us to workout in.