Form, Form, Form

You will have heard every instructor ever talk about form to prevent injuries, but did you know it’s also the key to get your body burning its best? With the right form, you will burn efficiently and get the most out of each drill.


Let’s say you’re doing donkey kicks in four-point kneeling. The right form will work your core, neck, shoulders and glutes.

Here’s how:

  • A still and stable torso means you’re working the glutes as well as your core

  • Getting your lumbo-pelvic stabilisers firing, your spine will stay all sorts of happy

  • Pressing up and out of your shoulders will work your shoulder stability

  • Keeping your head and neck lengthened and away from your body will work neck motor control


Form = bang for buck!


To recap:

  • Set up your positions according to the instructions given so your bones are in the right spots

  • Keep that core activated when you train!

  • Listen for where you should be feeling the exercise and make sure you’re feeling it the whole time. If you’re feeling it somewhere else, shoot us an email! We’re always on hand to help.