1. Be Organised - go shopping, get all of your ingredients before you go to cook, we've provided a shopping list in each meal plan to get at the beginning of each week.


2. Gorgeous Containers - well we mean quality but you know, gorgeous as well works!! Make sure your containers are airtight, BPA free and glass is also nice for not having a smell.


3. Schedule your meal prepping time. Diarise and lock it in


4. Clear out your fridge. Having enough room to store your food is crucial, but you can also use your meal prep day as a day to clear anything old from your refrigerator. 


5. Take all ingredients out and place in order at your prep station. Get all main utensils ready - that way you are less likely to forget to add anything crucial and you have double checked you have all ingredients!


6. Timing - if you're doing 3 days of meal prepping, certain things will take longer than others, So start by looking over the cooking times and whether that includes something like baking. Anything that needs to be baked, pop it in first, that way while it's in the oven, you're free to make the other meals.



7. Prefer it fresh?? On your meal prep days, prep your veggies/other ingredients. Maybe get your chicken marinating the night before it's needed, chop your veggies and place in divided containers. That way when it's time to cook it's a matter of minutes!


8. Timer - either your phone or oven will do this for you. If your hands are dirty utilising Siri/Alexa is our hot tip.