It's just life.

It's week 3 and it seems like life has gotten hectic for everyone!


For me, opening our new studio in Cronulla was an absolutely massive task and it definitely got in the way of my challenge goals. This included drinking enough water, doing my meal prep twice a week and getting my daily movement in. 

But that's just life, right? It can get hectic.


Sometimes it just isn't realistic to be the perfect cook, Pilates fiend and health nut. We are human.


Nobody expects you to avoid the champagne on your anniversary or say "no" to the cake at your child's party (that you probably made!!!).


Restricting ourselves like this is not healthy. It isn't balanced, and if I am being honest, would have sent me crazy over the last week.


So, what is the trick? Avoid spiralling.


In my past life as a professional dancer, when there was pressure on me to be a certain weight, I would crash diet and smash myself at the gym. The lack of balance carried through to my diet. If I had one "wrong" thing, I would label it as a bad day. Before you knew it I was having a bad week, and then I would spiral.


The pressure I would put on myself, combined with a lack of balance, had a massive effect on my mindset (and the circumference of my ass...)


I could have done the exact same thing the past few weeks. I was working late at the studio, ordering takeaway, and did not have the time to book into class. It sucked. But I made do with the lemons life gave me and I made some damn lemonade.


No spiralling.


1. Watch yourself. Mistakes are fine! But if you mess up your plan and have a glass of wine after a stressful day, make sure that doesn't turn into a glass every day for the rest of the week. 


2. Plan ahead. Try and plan as much as possible. If you have to eat out, choose places with healthy options. If you're invited out somewhere, take the time to check the menu beforehand.


3. Do not label "bad days" or "bad foods".  Focus on what will nourish your body best. Does your plate have enough colour, protein, and fibre? If you do eat something that doesn't fit with what you want to be fuelling your body, move past it and don't beat yourself up. It is not a bad day. It's okay. Be kind to yourself and you will feel and see the benefits.


4. Revisit your goals. Set your goals by looking at success and what that means to you and what is going to make you happy. Focusing on your happiness and your goals can shift your negative thought spiral into a positive one. Writing these down can also help you stay more accountable!


5. Move...now! Even if you don't get to a full class, choosing to do a 15-minute online workout or a quick stretch/squat set at home is acting on how you're feeling and taking a step in the right direction. literally. So get moving!