It makes sense that we've all heard the term 'mind over matter’, because it literally is EVERYTHING!

It might seem simple, but it can be confusing with how you word your affirmations and your “self talk”.

Self-talk is your internal dialogue. We believe success is only possible when your inner dialogue is positive. Although your self talk is influenced by your subconscious mind, it can be steered and manoeuvred by conscious thoughts and affirmations. This article is all about helping you achieve that beneficial self talk.

Saying to yourself “I want this, I need that” over and over doesn’t bring it into your reality any quickly. In fact, it can often send you into a repeated spell of wanting rather than being.


So, how do you tell if your self talk is productive or destructive?

Positive, positive, positive!

The first step is to use your feelings as a measure of how true you’re being to yourself when you set your goals. Listen to how you feel when you say these things to yourself: Do they have positive connotations? Does it connect with you positively? Or is the self talk destructive?

Positive self talk results in a good feeling in your body and will give you a sense of calm and positivity. Good self talk is beneficial to your end game.

Laughing at yourself?

If you feel like you’re being false with what you say (you might have a little feeling of guilt in your tummy) or you’re feeling like it’s a joke or simply not true, the thought you’re putting out there is not aligned with your goals and is counter-productive.

To fix this, change the words you’re using so they are positive and more true to where you are currently in your journey. For example, instead of saying “I have the best body in the world” you could say “I’m happy with my progress this week, and am on the way to feeling and looking like the best version of myself!”.

Then, you need to feel it. Ask yourself if it aligns with you. Keep tweaking these statements until they feel true and each day you’ll get closer to truly BEING the best version of yourself and being truly happy with what you see in the mirror.

What’s your focus?

It’s time to set your focus for the week. We want you to put a positive spin on it. For example, “I am making choices that are paving the way to a healthier lifestyle” rather than “I have to exercise again this week because I want to lose weight.”

Make that connection between your mind and body. Basically, get your head in the game for a results-driven weekly regime.