Self love might seem like something that’s made for people with lots of spare time. Or hippies. It’s easy to brush to the side to make room for “more” important things, like work, a snack for your kids, or just anything from your busy life.


But practising self love is key to your success in more ways than one. It’s literally the key to your wellness.


We all know what self-esteem is; it’s how you value yourself. But did you know self love and self-esteem go hand in hand? 

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Self love is literally the practice of nurturing your self-esteem. When you practice self love your self-esteem will build. But if we don’t practice self love, it might contribute to low self-esteem. This will affect your ability to succeed in life and your wellness in general.



It is easy to fall into habits of joking about ourselves in negative ways or blaming ourselves when things go wrong. When we compare ourselves to others and only see good in them and bad in us, these are signs that we are not practising self love. The good news is, all of these habits can be broken with a little mindfulness. It takes time, requires consistency but it is worth it – because YOU are worth it.


It’s so important to understand the types of self-esteem to give you the right tools to assess your starting point and where you want to get to. 


So, let’s get started with self love. There are 5 types of self love:

  1. Physical self love
  2. Emotional self love
  3. Mental and intellectual self love
  4. Social self love
  5. Spiritual self love

Now, the types of self-esteem: 

  1. Low
  2. Inflated
  3. High

High self-esteem is what we are after. This is a realistic view of yourself. Understanding your flaws without punishing yourself for them.


It is worth it, you are worth it. You deserve to be happy and successful.


So, are you ready to practice self love? Here are 5 ways I practice:

  1. I MOVE DAILY. This is a non-negotiable. With life getting in the way, sometimes this is just a short stretch or a few squats in the kitchen with my daughter. But most days it is a full workout. Just knowing that I’ve had 40 or so minutes to myself calms my mind. It makes me a better mother, friend, and a much nicer Pilates trainer.

  2. NUTRITIOUS FOOD. This, again, is non-negotiable. Now, I’m not perfect. I have been known to blow the budget on the grocery and café bill, but healthy, fresh and nutritious food is the key to a healthy mind and body.

  3. BEING SOCIAL. The key to practising social love is balance. It’s important to not spread yourself too thin by over-committing, so rather than dedicating every night of your weekend to being out, keep it simple. Organise to go for a walk or do a class with a friend. You could even go for brekky or if you’re particularly time poor, that week maybe even just a phone call. Do what you can, and be kind to yourself.

  4. DO THE 7 P's! Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Preparation is key, including food prep, staying on top of work and being ahead of the game. Setting two meal prep days per week is how I save time and avoid eating out too often. This calms my mind, knowing that I am organised and allows me to fuel my body well.

  5. FORGIVE YOURSELF. When a week falls apart – it’s ok. Life happens. This doesn’t mean cancelling your class and saying “oops, can’t make it to the gym - that makes it 3 months now” is ok. Consistency is key, so get yourself into the best routine possible, so that if one week falls apart it doesn’t  throw all your good work out the window. Do your best.

By doing your best and nurturing your body, mind and spirit, you put yourself in the best possible position for success in life. You will have wellness in the bag. The practice of self love is worth it, because YOU are worth it.