Get healthy:

The Loft guide to making healthy choices

Sometimes, being healthy is a breeze! Other times, it’s harder than the last 20 seconds of your lunge set.

I find my choices change depending on what headspace I’m in. If I’ve given myself time to rest, time to meal plan and time just for me, the healthy choices are easy and natural!

It’s a whole other story if I’m feeling overwhelmed and not finding time to do what relaxes me (thank you, Pilates!). It’s at these times my life snowballs into repeated Pad Thai orders and my dog hating me because I haven’t walked him.

Basically, it’s about having my shit together.

Here are the 5 tips that have helped me make healthy choices every day:

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 1. Set ACTUAL goals. Make your goal unavoidable and permanent: write them down and set a deadline! Hell, print it on an A3 sheet of paper and hang it on your bedroom wall if you think it will help. But the real trick is setting an achievable time frame. If it’s a big goal, break it down into smaller chunks (for example, work out 3 times for the next week).

2. Become a fan of the plan. Set aside time to plan your week. You only need half an hour. Organise your meals for the week and write a shopping list. Make sure you stick to it – schedule it like an actual meeting!

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3. Befriend your list. Don’t go shopping without your grocery list! Even the strongest among us can’t be trusted to shop when hungry. No extra snacks in the house means no extra snacking!

4. Make it about you, baby! You time is the key. Set yourself a realistic time to do something just for you. It can be an hour or just five minutes! Use the time to meditate, stretch, or just something that lets you reset for the week ahead.

5. It’s time to get thirsty. Water, water, water! When you drink a lot of water it signals to your body that you’re full, so it’s a natural appetite suppressant! Plus, if you are dehydrated, you can’t flush your system of waste which will leave you bloated with extra inches around the waist. Keep your drink bottle filled and your body working!