You get out what you put in...

Time to get real, it’s about being honest with yourself.

We want you to be able to achieve all goals you set yourself, and you’re not going to do that without putting in the work.

Basically, half-arsed workouts = half-arsed results.

How do you make sure you’re honest with yourself and the work you’re putting in? Here are some ideas to play with so you can connect your focus and end game to your workout:

Intention. Set an intention at the beginning of each class. Make it a short-time goal you can achieve in the workout, something like “I want to do every cardio set and not give up before the timer stops”, or “I’m going to do every plank on my toes”. This gives your workout a purpose and gives you something to work towards.


Worked out? Check! For every workout you do, tick it off on your calendar. This will make your progress more visible and show what you’re doing each day to reach your goal. If you worked out, let yourself feel accomplished! You’ve earned it.

Get married…to food. Combine your workout with nutritious food and look at that food as FUEL. It needs to be healthy and nutritious, as well as easy and convenient AF to make sure you eat it. That’s right, I’m talking meal prep. You need to change your mindset towards the food you’re putting in your body and see that as a way to your end game, not “I want cookies” and “I am starving”. Your need for treats will reduce, trust us.

Get training harder and get results faster.